Failure to Install Python Package

If you run into trouble installing Python packages, please upgrade your pip install as follows:

On macOS and Linux:

pip3 install -U pip

On Windows:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Alternatively on Windows, try:

py -3 -m pip install --upgrade pip

You may also need to update Python setuptools (for instance, for error AttributeError: '_NamespacePath' object has no attribute 'sort'):

pip install --upgrade setuptools

After applying these updates, retry your Python package installation.

Tutorial program does not run

Before running a Python program, be sure you can see Vector’s eyes. If instead you see an image of a mobile device, the Customer Care Info screen, a missing Wifi icon, or something else, please complete setup of your Vector first and then you will be ready set up the SDK.

Also, check whether Vector’s IP address has changed since the last time you ran anki_vector.configure. If so, see Moving Vector between WiFi networks to set up the robot with the new IP address.

Failure to run anki_vector.configure

The prerequisites to run the anki_vector.configure executable submodule successfully are:

  • You have successfully created an Anki account.

  • Vector has been set up with the Vector companion app.

  • The Vector companion app is not currently connected to Vector.

  • Vector is connected to the same network as your computer.

  • The anki_vector Python package must be installed.

  • You can see Vector’s eyes on his screen.

Vector behaves unexpectedly

You may need to reboot your robot when you are finished running programs with the pre-alpha Vector SDK.

Can’t find robot name

Your Vector robot name looks like “Vector-E5S6”. Find your robot name by placing Vector on the charger and double-clicking Vector’s backpack button.

Can’t find serial number

Your Vector’s serial number looks like “00e20142”. Find your robot serial number on the underside of Vector. Or, find the serial number from Vector’s debug screen: double-click his backpack, move his arms up and down, then look for “ESN” on his screen.

Can’t find Vector’s IP address

Your Vector IP address looks like “”. Find the IP address from Vector’s debug screen: double-click his backpack, move his arms up and down, then look for “IP” on his screen.

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