Protobuf messages exposed to the Vector Python SDK.

class anki_vector.messaging.client.ExternalInterfaceServicer

The grpc-defined connection between the SDK and Anki’s Vector robot.

AssumeBehaviorControl(request, context)

Acquire control of Vector’s AI system.

AudioFeed(request, context)

Request an audio feed from the robot.

BatteryState(request, context)

Check the current state of the battery.

BehaviorControl(request_iterator, context)

Integrate with and acquire control of Vector’s AI system.

CameraFeed(request, context)

Request a camera feed from the robot.

ConnectCube(request, context)

Attempt to connect to a cube. If a cube is currently connected, this will do nothing.

CreateFixedCustomObject(request, context)

Creates a permanent custom object instance in the robot’s world, with no connection to the vision system.

DefineCustomObject(request, context)

Creates a custom object with distinct custom marker(s).

DeleteCustomObjects(request, context)

Causes the robot to forget about custom objects it currently knows about.

DeletePhoto(request, context)

Delete a photo by ID.

DisconnectCube(request, context)

Requests a disconnection from the currently connected cube.

DisplayFaceImageRGB(request, context)

Sets screen (Vector’s face) to a solid color.

DockWithCube(request, context)

Tells Vector to dock with a light cube with a given approach angle and distance.

DriveOffCharger(request, context)

Drive Vector off the charger.

DriveOnCharger(request, context)

Drive Vector onto the charger.

DriveStraight(request, context)

Tells Vector to drive in a straight line.

DriveWheels(request, context)

Sets the speed and acceleration for Vector’s wheel motors.

EraseAllEnrolledFaces(request, context)

Erase the enrollment (name) records for all faces.

EraseEnrolledFaceByID(request, context)

Erase the enrollment (name) record for the face with this ID.

EventStream(request, context)

Streaming events endpoint

FlashCubeLights(request, context)

Signal a connected cube to flash its lights using the default cube flash animation.

ForgetPreferredCube(request, context)

Forget the robot’s preferred cube. This will cause the robot to connect to the cube with the highest RSSI (signal strength) next time a connection is requested. Saves this preference to disk. The next cube that the robot connects to will become its preferred cube.

GoToPose(request, context)

Tells Vector to drive to the specified pose and orientation.

ListAnimations(request, context)

Constructs and returns a list of animations.

MoveHead(request, context)

Moves Vector’s head.

MoveLift(request, context)

Moves Vector’s lift.

NetworkState(request, context)

Get the network information for Vector.

Photo(request, context)

Get a photo by ID.

PhotosInfo(request, context)

Get the photos info.

PlayAnimation(request, context)

Requests that Vector play an animation.

ProtocolVersion(request, context)

Checks the supported protocol version by passing in the client version and minimum host version and receiving a response to see whether the versions are supported.

RequestEnrolledNames(request, context)

Get a list of names and their IDs.

SDKInitialization(request, context)

SDK-only message to pass version info for device OS, Python version, etc.

SayText(request, context)

Make Vector speak text.

SetCubeLights(request, context)

Set each of the lights on the currently connected cube based on two rgb values each and timing data for how to transition between them.

SetEyeColor(request, context)

Set Vector’s eye color.

SetHeadAngle(request, context)

Tell Vector’s head to move to a given angle.

SetLiftHeight(request, context)

Tell Vector’s lift to move to a given height.

SetPreferredCube(request, context)

Set the robot’s preferred cube and save it to disk. The robot will always attempt to connect to this cube if it is available. This is only used in simulation for now.

Thumbnail(request, context)

Get a thumbnail by ID.

TurnInPlace(request, context)

Turn the robot around its current position.

UpdateEnrolledFaceByID(request, context)

Update the name enrolled for a given face.

VersionState(request, context)

Get the versioning information for Vector.

class anki_vector.messaging.client.ExternalInterfaceStub(channel)

The grpc-defined connection between the SDK and Anki’s Vector robot.