anki_vector SDK for programming with the Anki Vector robot.
anki_vector.animation Animation related classes, functions, events and values. Support for Vector’s audio.
anki_vector.behavior Support for Vector’s camera.
anki_vector.color Colors to be used with a light or Vector’s screen.
anki_vector.connection Management of the connection to and from Vector. Event handler used to make functions subscribe to robot events.
anki_vector.exceptions SDK-specific exception classes for Vector.
anki_vector.faces Face recognition and enrollment.
anki_vector.lights Helper routines for dealing with Vector’s lights and colors.
anki_vector.motors Control the motors of Vector.
anki_vector.nav_map A 2D navigation memory map of the world around Vector.
anki_vector.objects Object and Light Cube recognition.
anki_vector.opengl This module provides 3D classes for running the OpenGL Viewer.
anki_vector.opengl.opengl This module provides 3D support classes for OpenGL, used by
anki_vector.opengl.opengl_vector This module provides Vector-specific 3D support classes for OpenGL, used by
anki_vector.opengl.opengl_viewer This module provides a 3D visualizer for Vector’s world state and a 2D camera window. Photo related classes, functions, events and values.
anki_vector.proximity Support for Vector’s distance sensor.
anki_vector.robot The main robot class for managing Vector.
anki_vector.screen Vector’s LCD Screen that displays his face.
anki_vector.touch Support for Vector’s touch sensor.
anki_vector.util Utility functions and classes for the Vector SDK.
anki_vector.viewer Displays camera feed from Vector’s camera. Utility methods for Vector’s vision Vector’s known view of his world.
anki_vector.messaging.client Protobuf messages exposed to the Vector Python SDK.

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